Things To Do in Melbourne

Welcome to our beautiful city of Melbourne and Victoria. I can tell you right now it’s one of the best places to visit and live if you are thinking about migrating. My name is Nep Thach, I am a Kiwi from New Zealand, and I have recently moved over and been living here for the past eight years – I love it.

When I was working back in Nelson, New Zealand as a graphic and website designer getting paid minimum wage. I have a dream that I get to do a lot of things, and that’s when things changed for me when I decided to move after my relationship ended. Nothing says moving to a new city to get away from your troubles, huh?

Ever since I have been here and getting paid much better salary too. I have enough money to spoil myself on the things I wanted to do in the Melbourne region. I have spent most of my time taking new adventures like skydiving, rafting, caving, snowboarding, surfing, running marathons, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and lots more.